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Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio

Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio is a free to play Shooter game, released at 2014.10.07, created by Nexon. You can play Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio on PC (Windows) platform. Check out Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio description & Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio system requirements.

Platform: PC (Windows)
Genre: Shooter
Release Date: 2014-10-07
Developer: Nexon
Publisher: Nexon Europe GmbH

Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio description

Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio is the free-to-play massively multiplayer online FPS that asks the simple question: What’s better than Counter-Strike? Answer: Counter-Strike with new game modes, map creation and lots of zombies! Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio is Nexon’s free-to-play take on the Counter-Strike franchise, adding zombies to several familiar game modes, and making it possible for players to become infected themselves and to strike back at their former colleagues. Braaaaaaains… Using the original Counter-Strike Engine from way back when, CSN:Z features over 20 different game modes, spread out across both PvP and PvE. You’ll take on challenging bosses, lead a ragged group of survivors through zombie-infested territory, or defend your home base against wave after wave of the hungry undead. There are even takes on the classic Counter-Strike maps and scenarios, such as Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue. You’ll have at your disposal a vast array of weaponry to deal with the zombies, from 12-gauge shotguns to double-barrel shotguns to combat shotguns to weapons that aren’t shotguns! CSN:Z includes a versatile crafting system with which you can improve your weapons or create entirely new ones – including shotguns! With the Family system, you can share your gear with your friends, especially handy if they’re low on shotguns. Sometimes, though, the need to feed is too strong, and you’ll be cast in the role of a zombie rather than a human. In these scenarios, you’ll have a number of brain-gnawing skills and attacks at your disposal. Zombies can increase their passive abilities, such as speed or enhanced jumping capabilities, as well as learn special attacks to carve through those squishy humans. With tons of gameplay modes and over 60 maps to learn and master, Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies offers fast-paced action with multitudes of strategic options that’s sure to please fans of shooters and survival games alike. Just make sure to bring plenty of shotguns.

Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio System requirements

Below you can check Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows XP

CPU: Intel® Celeron 2.13GHz

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Graphics Card: Geforce4 TI 4200

Storage: 2 GB available space

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