Beat the Crystalian in Elden Ring - How to

2022.03.02 | guide elden ring

An optional boss you can find in Elden Ring is known as the Crystalian. You can find this boss in several locations, and there are two forms.

Beat the Crystalian in Elden Ring - How to

One features a ring blade that it tosses around as a wheel, one features a spear, and another a staff. Each has the same model and the same weakness. In this guide, we cover what you need to do to beat the Crystalian bosses in Elden Ring.

While understanding their movements might help you in these fights, it’s important to note the type of weapon you’re using against them. You’ll want to use a blunt-type weapon to inflict the most damage. This means using hammers, flails, Warhammer, essentially any weapon that does some Strike damage.

So long as you have this weapon, you’ll be able to do the most damage against these bosses. The Crystalian bosses are made of rock, which means any Piercing or Slashing damage weapon won’t be too helpful against them. Without a hammer or a blunt weapon, you’ll find yourself struggling to beat them in a straight fight.

You can check your weapon’s damage type in the Melee Armaments section of your inventory. While hovering over the weapon, look at the damage type underneath the weapon name, at the top section.

When you’re fighting in an encounter where it features a pair of them, a Crystalian with a staff and another with a spear, you’ll want to use an of your spirit ashes to divide their attention. This way, you can focus on singling out one of the bosses while your ashes distract the other, giving you time to make short work of them.

Once you recognize the damage-type weapons, these bosses are pushovers for the rest of the game when you do encounter them.

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