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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty EU

Well heck, it's about time. You can play StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty EU on battlenet platform. Download and play StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty EU at the best price.

Platform: Battlenet
Release Date:
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty EU description

Well heck, it's about time. It's been a LONG time since the original StarCraft game came out and changed the video game world. Fans have been waiting for a sequel, and now, they've finally gotten it. But in true Blizzard fashion, they've found a way to make it even bigger, by separating it into three titles. This is part one: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. You are once again Jim Raynor, a marine who has a singular mission, take down Arcturus Mengsk. He has been betrayed, and he must take her down. After all, he made a promise that he needs to keep, and he always keeps his promises. The Protoss, Terrans, and Zerg are all here, and each of them are ready for your commands. Are you ready to lead them into battle? You better be. For with 30+ new units and weapons you'll need to craft powerful strategies to take down those in your way. Be forceful, be sneaky, be ruthless, whatever you want to be, just do it. In the story campaign you'll lead the Terrans across the galaxy in a quest for glory, redemption, and revenge. The best part? You choose the missions, you choose the storylines that need to be followed, and you decide how the story ends. StarCraft II Wings of Liberty is the sequel 10 years in the making, and Blizzard does not disappoint. With a deeper singleplayer, insane multiplayer, and tons of things to do, this is one game that will certainly tower over the rest.