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RPG MO is a free to play MMORPG game, released at 2012.07.18, created by Marxnet. You can play RPG MO on PC (Windows), Web Browser platform. Check out RPG MO description & RPG MO system requirements.

Platform: PC (Windows), Web Browser
Release Date: 2012-07-18
Developer: Marxnet
Publisher: Marxnet

RPG MO description

RPG MO is a free-to-play retro-style sandbox MMORPG featuring pixilated graphics and wide, colorful world in which players can level up various combat abilities, or take a break from the hack-and-slash and focus on crafting skills. This 2D open-world MMORPG is available on PC via browser, client and Steam. RPG MO is also available on smartphones and tablets. RPG MO is a nostalgic sandbox experience reminiscent of old-school RPG’s like Ultima and Runescape. In combat, players can switch between various stances to level different skills. Collect powerful weapons and armor and train melee skills to become a formidable warrior, or put down the sword and level magic skills to discover new, dangerous spells. Additionally, players can take on the role of a merchant collecting materials through mining and chopping wood to level crafting abilities and create valuable items to sell to other players. The game boasts a wide range of over a dozen skills players can train in with no level caps. Players can choose to specialize, focusing on specific skills, or level them all up. Players can also build their own homes, which are visible to other players. The game offers various PvE quests, and allows players to collaborate with each other for group dungeon quests. Players can also fight each other in PvP zones. Boasting a large, loyal player base and consistent updates, RPG MO serves as a fun, addicting does of pixilated nostalgia.

RPG MO System requirements

Below you can check RPG MO minimum system requirements:




Graphics Card:


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