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Crossfire is a free to play Shooter game, released at 2007.05.03, created by SmileGate. You can play Crossfire on PC (Windows) platform. Check out Crossfire description & Crossfire system requirements.

Platform: PC (Windows)
Genre: Shooter
Release Date: 2007-05-03
Developer: SmileGate
Publisher: Neowiz Games

Crossfire description

Crossfire is a first person tactical shooter that has a huge selection of game modes to try out, a decent amount of character customization, and loads of weapons for every situation you could find yourself in. Crossfire features two groups, Blacklist and Global Risk, that are constantly at odds with one another. Players must join an online team and participate in various game modes with their selected faction to destroy their enemies. Never fear about running out of game modes to try out, Crossfire boasts 19 different game modes that you can play through time and time again. Team Deathmatch, Destruction Mode, Elmination, Ghost Mode, Free for All, Mutation Mode, Escape Mode, Hero Mode, Zombie Apocalypse, Hero Mode X, Bounty Mode, Wave Mode, Shadow Mode, Ghosts vs. Mutants, Soccer mode, RPG Mode, Super Soldier TDM, Rapid Surge Mode, and Zombie Knight Mode. Players get to create their own unique characters that represent them in game. They can choose from tons of different cosmetic items that make their characters one of a kind. As players compete in Crossfire they level up and unlock more weapons and character customization options.

Crossfire System requirements

Below you can check Crossfire minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows Vista, And Windows 7

CPU: Pentium 4 - 1.5GHz

Memory: 512mb

Graphics Card: GeForce 5600

Storage: 1.7GB

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