Smart Factory Tycoon Starting Tips

2022.03.28 | tips and tricks smart factory tycoon

There are some general tips to start your Factory in Smart Factory Tycoon game. Here are some general tips when you start your factory.

Smart Factory Tycoon Starting Tips

Keep in mind that everything costs money to run, so try to run plans with not much machinery first and be careful with building more of them. Is the higher energy bill worth it yet, or can you run your factory a little longer in a smaller size?

Start small: try to go only for the rubber duck because you need only 2 machines for it. Don’t have more than 2 robots.

Increase the speed of your robots first, as they have to move from everywhere to everywhere this seems the best option to level to the max.

Always try to complete a contract within that market cycle, otherwise you get less money for it. So start with small amounts, don’t go for 20… go for like 5. You can always accept it again to make a few more.

Don’t start a new contract before finishing the old one. I excepted a new one when I only had to make 1 more product or so. Your robots are real procrastinators, so they prefer starting a new job before finishing the old one, don’t give them that chance.

Ignore the warnings about chargers and lubricators, 4/5 robots are fine with sharing one and just take turns. Running more of them only costs more money and doesn’t help that much with making a profit.

When you are buying more of the same machinery, use connectors in your plans. You can make a connector room in the back of the hall, they don’t have to be in the room with the robots as your robots never have to go to the connectors. (so you can also build them all next to each other in that room in the back).


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