PUBG Roadmap 2022

2022.03.28 | news pubg

Here's what's coming to PUBG in 2022. PUGB - the original, and now free-to-play, battle royale - has unveiled its 2022 roadmap.

PUBG Roadmap 2022

The newly announced 2022 Roadmap divides its plans into the categories "world", "ingame", and "outgame". In the next few weeks, we should get a Sanhok rollback - it's coming back "in its original form" - weapon balancing, and unspecified quality of life improvements that "reduce inconvenience without affecting core gameplay". There's a new gun, too - the new 7.62mm assault rifle that has a lower DPS than other ARs but is easier to control.

Next quarter - July through to September, roughly - should see the release of new map Kiki, more weapon balancing, and "weapon mastery overhaul, customisation improvement, and BP income balancing. And then the last quarter of 2022 sees Vikendi "reborn" and a Kiki update. We'll also get an overhaul of the arcade mode, improvements to the shop, an unspecified "new social feature", and shop gifting, which is the feature I'm probably most excited about.

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