Forza Horizon 4 Tips and Tricks for beginners

2021.06.14 | forza horizon tips and tricks guide

Forza Horizon 4 is quite possibly the most charming, simplest and least distressing games! We have some nice tips to make this game easier for You.

Forza Horizon 4 Tips and Tricks for beginners

Forza Horizon 4 will keep you in the prologue for a very long time (even a few hours), during which many activities will be inaccessible - including the main Horizon Life online mode and Forzathon Time Challenges

  • After the prologue is completed, one season of the year on the server lasts one week. You have no influence on how to speed up the change of season.
  • Use your roadside assistant Anna. Without entering the map mode, you can quickly find your way to the nearest activity you are interested in.
  • In most races, it doesn't matter how well you drive an upgraded car (same goes for the type of car). Your opponents always adapt to the class of vehicle you are starting in.
  • Avoid jumping ramps during the race, if possible. Jumping is spectacular, but it will always slow you down a little.
  • Don't worry about leaving the route. Nearly all objects are being destroyed, and the water reservoirs are shallow and allow you to pass through.
  • If you made a mistake at a key moment, you can always use the time scrolling option, unless you have disabled it in the following settings.
  • Any difficulty selected in the driving options results in an increase of credits received from 5 to 15 per cent.
  • Upgrade your vehicle with tuning parts to improve your vehicle's acceleration and handling statistics. This will make it easier for you to squeeze through your opponents' peloton, as you always start from the middle or at the end of the stakes.
  • Play Horizon Life online mode instead of Horizon Solo. Other players won't bother you, and you'll always have the opportunity to earn extra Forzathon points and access to additional races in cooperation mode.
  • The Forzathon store's offer changes every week with the arrival of the new season of the year.
  • Perks are won individually for each of the cars owned by you. Frequent use of one model will allow you to quickly max out its bonuses in the form of, for example, more points scored, or additional prize draws.
  • In addition to driving, take photos in photo mode and create your bodywork in the editor. For these activities you will also be promoted and gain the opportunity to win more prizes.
  • Take part in Forzathon Live public events when you are notified of them. Complete each to get 30 Forzathon points.
  • If you want to see the requirement to get three stars for tasks in Horizon Stories mode, use the option "choose any chapter".
  • If you need quick credits, enter an earlier drawn or unnecessary cars for auctions, where they can be sold quickly. Check auctions quite often to find interesting opportunities for yourself.
forza horizon tips and tricks guide