Fortnite - How to get the Aura Skin

2022.03.10 | guide fortnite

Aura Skin is an another outfit that we get in this game, and it is usually part of the styles that we have in this game, this is part of the number of cosmetics that we get in this game and that allow us to celebrate some challenges simple.

Fortnite - How to get the Aura Skin

This is a necessary search that is usually done in this game and is usually available in the store, it is good to keep in mind that the Aura aspect is usually present from a while ago on several occasions, even the last time we could see this skin it was on February 26 and acquiring it required a total of 800 V-Bucks.

There is a high probability that this aura skin could return at any time after the start of season two, which is scheduled for the end of March, in this sense, it is necessary to get involved among potential buyers to get the Reverse2K locker package and that this includes:

  • The slow clapping emoticon.
  • The peak of luck.
  • The Rupple Weapon Wrap.

These accessories usually have a value of 1400V-Bucks. The aura skin usually contributes to some outfits where it is included:

  • The Winter Hunter Aura.
  • The Charming Aura style.
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