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Railway Empire – The Characters

In the campaign you will face off against a number of characters. In scenarios you will get to choose which one you want to be with a specific bonus. This section will breakdown their behavior, their strengths and review their value.

The General Johnathan Johnson


The General will appear in the game on the southern level. The General will focus on making large connections often getting in the way of your rail. He rarely ever supplies local needs and generally does not purchase businesses or start new businesses. As far as the AI goes he is rather lightweight.

Bonus: Track construction costs are 10% lower.


The Gangster Don Lorenzo


The gangster will appear on the eastern level. The gangster is a devious player opting to use a lot of underworld contacts to sabotage production, sabotage trains, and write blasting exposees. He tends to favor small local routes with multiple checkpoints and stops.

Bonus: Receives twice as many applications from the underworld, where recruitment costs are 30% cheaper.


The Industrialist Roger Smythe


Roger Smythe will appear in the campaign as your friend. Smythe has a preference for owning businesses rather than owning rail. When he is deployed on the map he will always try and compete with you on business auctions, but rarely on science auctions. He doesn’t build a terribly high amount of rail making him one of the easier AIs to beat.

Bonus: Receives 5% higher freight prices.


The Engineer Doc Murphy


As is implied by his costuming, he is all about the science. He will compete heavily with you for science auctions and is the only character who will actively build universities. He is often ahead of you on science which means that he is an astute target for stealing technologies from using a Spy.

Bonus: Receives 20% additional innovation points per month.


The Lady Beatrix von Pomp


Often times people will try and get rid of her just because of her annoying dialogue. She will appear on most of the campaign claiming that she is buying her way in and out of various areas. She focuses largely on passenger and mail transport and will rarely build rural train stations for transporting resources. This means her income will be lower…. but also that she will actively get in your way a lot more often. If you build two train stations in each city near her she won’t be able to expand or grow.

Bonus: Receives 5% higher ticket prices.


The Trickster Tricia Jones


Overall one of the weaker AIs. She will not expand until very late in the game, but it’s a burst of activity. She is the only AI that will have multiple trains on a single track and will bid on every single auction. She is more obnoxious than threatening.

Bonus: Receives a 20% discount on all locomotives and auctions.

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