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Railway Empire – Basic guide

Railway Empire – Establishing a Line

The basis of this game is laying down rail lines between two points and shipping freight, passengers and mail on that line for a fee. The goal is to transfer resources that are in demand from one city to another. If no resources are in demand they will transfer people and mail which is often more profitable.

Train Stations Buildings

You can build in each city maximum of two train stations. This means early on it is preferential to lay down a second rail station to connect two points than to expand an existing one.

In the game there are two types of train stations:

– Small Train Station: Loading time is faster the smaller a train station is so preferentially you will near always choose a small train station over any other. Due to its low cost it makes more sense to lay down two of these than upgrade an existing one. The small train station comes with two rail entry points. –

– Medium Train Station: The train station is your medium sized one and is also your starter city train station. It has four entry points to upgrade a train station click on it (the station, not the city) and you will see upgrade options in the top right corner

– Large Train Station: Large train stations have eight entry points. They also have a very large influence range which means that if two goods are close enough you can put down the one station to collect two different goods. This is especially useful in areas with a lot of cities as you can use this single station to supply two different goods to a large number of cities.

Once you have your two points down it is time to lay a line. You can only put a train station in one city at a time. Any attempts to spam the map with train stations will come up with a warning to connect your first line.

Click the Rail button in the top right corner. Click on where you are coming from. Click on where you want to go.

Paralell tracks have a great value. It will reduce your production costs of tunnels, bridges, and earthworks, and leave your space far tidier and less clustered. To paralell a track click next to but not on a track.

Often times you will need even more goods coming to your city. You can run two trains on one track. To do this create a loop in which they will go in a circle. Or, creating a stopping area.

To do this add a new track and just create a little swirl that goes out and back into the track. This will create a resting area where one train can wait for another.

Next click on the new buildings button and click on Signal.

Signals control direction of track. Selection one side to go in one direction and hold the shift key. This will create a stop. The train will now stop here until the other train has cleared. Now on the other side place a direction for the other side… but don’t put a stop. This will allow one train right of way at all times and keep one train going.

Now click on the train that is running this line and hit the Stamp. This will clone the line and give an exact copy.

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