The Lost Island cover

The Lost Island

The action takes place in far future. You can play The Lost Island on steam platform. Download and play The Lost Island at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Finalspark Gamestudios
Publisher: Finalspark Gamestudios

The Lost Island description

The action takes place in far future. The nuclear war has come to an end and most of the people escaped into space to a colony ship called “Polyphemus”.You have been caught stealing food from the pantry. You were waiting for your punishment in a prison cell. The commander of the colony ship saw an opportunity so he exiled you from the ship to an unknown abandoned planet. Accidentally you where placed in a damaged capsule. Your chances to survive are low but while you where held prisoner you heard a rumor that on the unknown planet below the colony ship is an abandoned facility that could teleport you back to the “Polyphemus”. Mysterious locations to discover. Day / Night cycle. Building System. Large Levels. Random loot. Gathering resources. Collect notes and see what other people went trough. Plant and harvest food. More coming in the future.