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The Age of Decadence

RPGs are one of the most popular gaming genres out there. You can play The Age of Decadence on steam platform. Download and play The Age of Decadence at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Iron Tower Studio
Publisher: Iron Tower Studio

The Age of Decadence description

RPGs are one of the most popular gaming genres out there. They allow players to go to distance worlds, become legendary warriors, and then save the day as they fight the forces of evil, among other things. But, the RPG genre has also been one that is complacent in how does things. It usually takes a certain path and sticks with it, not wanting to venture and do something unique or different. Some people don't like that mentality, they feel every RPG should be special, and those people got together and made The Age of Decadence.Defined as an "experiment" The Age of Decadence is an RPG, but one that plays out like a Noir-style story. You see, it's set in a world of "low magic", but instead of getting a party and going out on numerous adventures, you're more confined. For the world around you is crumbling, and only 3 noble houses remain. You will have to survive what is happening, as well as survive the houses themselves, as they're trying to figure out what's going on and try to remain in power while they're doing so.To survive, you'll need to form alliances, make deals to get information, and protect yourself from those who don't want you to know too much. There is a lot of depth in this game. From the three noble houses, four guilds, and numerous other people there's over 600,000 words of dialogue. All helping to add to a great story.So, if you're looking for a very different kind of RPG, get The Age of Decadence.