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Super Meat Boy

Platformers were instrumental in the revival of gaming in the 1980's. You can play Super Meat Boy on steam platform. Download and play Super Meat Boy at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Team Meat

Super Meat Boy description

Platformers were instrumental in the revival of gaming in the 1980's. Mario, Mega Man, and more helped show what gaming could be. But a part of what made them so popular was that they were difficult, and at times, VERY difficult. In fact, to this day some people revere those classic games because of their difficulty. In honor of those games, some developers made titles that would show how truly hard platformers could be, and one of those titles was called Super Meat Boy.Yes, Super Meat Boy, the game that is truly infamous for how hard it is. You play as a boy made of meat, who has to go save his girlfriend made of bandages from a fetus in a jar guy. Yeah, welcome to Super Meat Boy. To save the girl though, Super Meat Boy has to traverse a massive world that is full of dangers and traps that will push him to the limit. Caves, spike pits, walls and more will try to stop him, but if you're skilled enough, you'll make it through.The name of the game (or at least the intent of the game) is precision platforming. You WILL learn how to do that here. What's more, there are over 300 levels for you to complete! Meaning that IF you get done with it, you'll have truly earned the title of master platformer. could start over and crank up the difficulty to see if you are truly ready for what the game can offer.So, if you're up for one of the greatest challenges in gaming, go get Super Meat Boy.