Sudoku Quest cover

Sudoku Quest

Sudoku Quest is the game for truly Sudoku lovers. You can play Sudoku Quest on steam platform. Download and play Sudoku Quest at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Harbinger Beard
Publisher: Harbinger Beard

Sudoku Quest description

Sudoku Quest is the game for truly Sudoku lovers. You’ll be challenged to test your skills in Adventure mode with constantly increasing board difficulty. Various Sudoku types and sizes are provided to diversify your adventure experience. In case you want to practice in solving certain Sudoku you can play Custom mode. Features Health is limited. From the start you’ll have certain amount of health that cannot be replenished. Make your moves carefully. Power-ups can help in your progress but they’ll reduce the reward. Each Sudoku is generated on the fly and always uniquely solvable, thus you won’t encounter the same board twice. Leaderboards for Adventure mode as well as for Custom mode will give you the chance to compete against other players and prove that you’re the true Sudoku master.