Stronghold 3 Gold cover

Stronghold 3 Gold

10 years have passed in the world of Stronghold, and the Wolf has cheated death. You can play Stronghold 3 Gold on steam platform. Download and play Stronghold 3 Gold at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: FireFly Studios
Publisher: Missing Link Games

Stronghold 3 Gold description

10 years have passed in the world of Stronghold, and the Wolf has cheated death. His resurrection has left him even more bitter, and even more angry. Desiring vengeance of the highest level, he is raiding villages and towns at night. He is sending a message that you cannot stop his fury. But, you are most certainly willing to try. This is the quest that awaits you in Stronghold 3 Gold!This long awaited sequel brings back everything you loved about the last game, but then adds new levels of detail that'll make you truly think you're building your own kingdom. Realistic physics and cutting-edge graphics have made building and fighting all the more real, and you'll feel every hit and victory you earn. Or the crushing blow of defeat should it happen. Start small, then grow large! All that is built depends on you. Plus, for the first time, sieges can be done at night! Add that to the intense multiplayer that returns and you got a surefire game that'll have you engaged from start to finish.With the kingdom in your control, and in your hands to protect or use, your path to victory, or defeat, is strictly your own. Use the games systems to build not only your castle, but a world within it, one where people can be safe within its walls. Or, make it so that your castle produces your army that you'll use to not only take down the Wolf, but all others who would either support him, or oppose you.Your kingdom awaits your orders, are you ready to lead it?