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Spec Ops: The Line

War games are sometimes made to be simple shooters. You can play Spec Ops: The Line on steam platform. Download and play Spec Ops: The Line at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Yager Development
Publisher: 2K Games,Missing Link Games

Spec Ops: The Line description

War games are sometimes made to be simple shooters. One that test only your skill to press a button quickly or react to a certain situation. But, there are games that like to challenge players' morality by putting them in the middle of situations that they weren't prepared for. Ones that will challenge the very fabric of who you are, and force you to make choices that you'll have to live with for the rest of your life. For those seeking that kind of depth and challenge, welcome to Spec Ops: The Line.Set in a ruined Dubai, you'll take part of a Delta Force squad that has been given a mission that is both dangerous and mysterious. 6 months ago, Dubai was wiped off the map by a sandstorm of biblical proportions. Many lost their lives, including many American soldiers. But then, a radio signal was picked up from the ruined city, and your team is sent to investigate what is going on, and if there are somehow survivors there. But the truth is far more than simple, and you'll find just how dark the story gets as you progress.You'll control a three-man squad, each of whom have unique personalities and traits and skills that you'll deal with not only in combat, but through the story itself. For much like a real war story, the choices you make affect the ones around you. The ending will be one directly influenced by you. This isn't your average war game, this is a tactical and gripping game. This is Spec Ops: The Line.