Space Rangers: Quest cover

Space Rangers: Quest

The original Space Rangers was a cult classic, one that inspired many things. You can play Space Rangers: Quest on steam platform. Download and play Space Rangers: Quest at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: SNK Games
Publisher: 1C Company

Space Rangers: Quest description

The original Space Rangers was a cult classic, one that inspired many things. Not the least of which was video games made in its honor. The first one being Space Rangers: Quest. A text adventure in the world of Space Rangers that has not only new adventures, but plenty of nostalgia to go around. Are you ready for a special journey?In the game, you'll get to select your own ship, and blast off into space on a mission to research the origin of an interesting threat, as well as protect all life you come across. But, as you might expect, there are dangers you'll have to face in this journey. You will have to work hard, and sometimes do illegal things, but each thing will have your universe grow threw acquiring maps which will give you areas to go to that are full of possibilities. There are no limit to the adventure you can have.A classic sci-fi saga awaits you, one that has battles, skirmishes, duels against intelligent life, and more. Plus, you get to solve puzzles as well, for a Ranger must be smart if they are to survive. Will your ship be ready for the dangers of space? You better make sure it's ready, else face an early death.The more credits you earn, the more you're able to upgrade your crew and your ship. Plus, you get to do more things, including meeting new races and so much more. Are you ready Space Ranger? If so, your ship awaits.