Slender: The Arrival cover

Slender: The Arrival

Play out your worst nightmares from the relative safety of your own home with Slender: The Arrival. You can play Slender: The Arrival on steam platform. Download and play Slender: The Arrival at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Blue Isle Studios
Publisher: Midnight City,Majesco Entertainment

Slender: The Arrival description

Play out your worst nightmares from the relative safety of your own home with Slender: The Arrival. Developed by Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions, and published by Blue Isle Studios and Midnight City, this horror survival game brings the terrifying creation of Eric Knudsen, also known as Victor Surge, the Slender Man, to life. Developed in cooperation with Knudsen, Slender: The Arrival is an adaptation and expansion of the original game, Slender: The Eight Pages. This new title builds on the tension, suspense, and terror of that original game with a new, unique story and all updated visuals. In Slender: The Arrival, you are completely alone. Whatever happens, you know that there is nobody who will come to your rescue. And instead of the myriad of weapons most games will equip you with, this game gives you nothing but a simple flashlight. Will you be able to collect the Eight Pages, and unravel the unnatural mystery of the Slender Man? Or will you succumb to the terror, and the helplessness you will surely feel, as you travel alone through dark, abandoned locations. In Slender: The Arrival, your best option is just to run. And as you progress through the game and collect the pages, the Slender Man only gets more aggressive. And when he has you in his sights, not only does it start to distort the camera, but don’t bother trying to pause the game, because you can’t! The only way out is to run, but if you’re not quick enough, it will be game over. So don’t miss Slender: The Arrival, the definitive game adaptation of the original internet horror sensation.