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Planet R-12

"Planet R-12" is a 2D tactical shooter where you control a squad of up to 3 soldiers. You can play Planet R-12 on steam platform. Download and play Planet R-12 at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Timushev Vladimir,Composer-Motorin Dmitry (Djinotan)
Publisher: Timushev Vladimir

Planet R-12 description

"Planet R-12" is a 2D tactical shooter where you control a squad of up to 3 soldiers. One of the games opportunities is the ability to switch from tactical control to direct participation in battle of one of the soldiers. More about this: Tactical mode - control a squad with only the mouse by issuing commands for movement and the soldiers are fighting on their own. In the meantime you help them by using their fighting skills. For example, the skill "electroshock" completely stops the robots at the area. Direct control -you become one of soldiers and control unit in a classic way "WASD + mouse" and the other soldiers will follow you and help in battle. About soldiers: Now in game there are 6 types of soldiers which you can gather your team from 1 to 3 fighters. Each soldier may have different weapons and skills, which appear gradually after the bonus. In addition each weapon has the ability to improve from 1 to a few properties. For example, range. About robots: I tried to make a lot of interesting and varied opponents and I think I have made it. While I understand that there is still work to do. After destruction of robot to each soldier is given points, which replenishes the condition of his "skill". Defeated robot remains bonuses - the stronger the robot, the more bonuses remained. About skills: Skills are very important for use: without them the game is not passable. In the beginning, many people makes mistake by trying to pass through game using own dexterity and without using game "skills". Robots love such losers)). The game has three main skills and one for each type of soldier. Main skills: - "freezes" all the robots in a specified area for a few seconds; - ...