Julai cover


"Julai" - is an arcade flight shooter. You can play Julai on steam platform. Download and play Julai at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Gennady Guryanov
Publisher: Gennady Guryanov

Julai description

"Julai" - is an arcade flight shooter. The action takes place on Technogenic Planet. You can improve your ship and flying through the Thorns to earn a lot of points. The game is designed for reaction and ardor. Key features of the game: Horizontal-endless game world; You can fly wherever you want (down, horizontally, upwards); Each ship item affects its functionality; Any item of the ship can be attached or dropped via construction yard; Every item of the ship can be taken as a bonus; If you catch the 'autopilot' bonus, you can fly with "autopilot"; There are various types of opponents (fighters, drills which clinging to the ship, turret...); Ship death occurs in case of loss or destruction of the pilot cabin.