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Initia: Elemental Arena

Initia: Elemental Arena is a new take on online arena shooters. You can play Initia: Elemental Arena on steam platform. Download and play Initia: Elemental Arena at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Gentle Ghouls
Publisher: Gentle Ghouls

Initia: Elemental Arena description

Initia: Elemental Arena is a new take on online arena shooters. It blends frantic team-based game play of first person Arena shooters like Unreal Tournament & the FPS Magic mechanics of Skyrim. It combines it all with strategic objectives and tactical team play. The Initia Formula Dedicated servers and competitive MatchMaking The fast paced action of arena shooters The progressive game play inspired from MOBA objectives Maps that force players to work together in a team (as well as playing for frags). Competitive & fun combat – a team healer with a flame thrower? Why not!? A layer of Economy, fore-thought: Every objective captured & every kill is rewarded with match crystals. You use crystals to buy higher elements & combine them with arcane abilities. But every time you die items are lost – it will always be risk vs. reward. The game’s different Elements allows players to link up attacks, assist team mates, and toy with enemies. Combine these with: A vast inventory of items. At least 15 special Arcane Abilities. Strategic positions to capture. The ability to summon god-like Avatars. An ever changing range of maps & game play types. and you have an incredibly fluid battlefield where no two matches are the same. Arcane Abilities! Arcane abilities play a very interesting role in Initia. You can buy Arcane abilities next to any magic element you choose on spawn. They are designed to offer you utility that will help you or your team in dynamic fights. The versatility of combining utility with any offensive attack results in refreshing combinations that makes the game-play even more exciting. You can end up being a team healer that can also shoot fireballs.