Industry Giant 2 cover

Industry Giant 2

Take control of the industry and become the most powerful company in the world with Industry Giant II. You can play Industry Giant 2 on steam platform. Download and play Industry Giant 2 at the best price.

Platform: Steam
Release Date:
Developer: Fancy Bytes, Reactor
Publisher: United Independent Entertainment GmbH

Industry Giant 2 description

Take control of the industry and become the most powerful company in the world with Industry Giant II. Developed and published by independent studio JoWood Productions, Industry Giant II is a business simulation game that lets players take full control over the chain of production and build their company into the most successful corporation the world has ever known. Players begin in the year 1900, with hardly any money to their name but opportunities ahead and a bright future before them. Players have complete control over the means of production in Industry Giant II. Choose what type of products your company will make, where you will source your resources, where you will sell your finished products, and even much more. Players can specify even the most minute details, down to what type of transportation your company will use to get its finished goods into the global market. Industry Giant II draws its inspiration from major business and corporations of the real world. And as such, players can enjoy producing their choice of over 150 real products that are featured in the game. Organize your corporation over 20 different endless maps, as you grow, evolve, and increase production. Play through historic events like Prohibition and the Magazine Boom, as well as random events like market crashes, oil crises, and economic booms. Industry Giant II has a variety of ways for players to enjoy creating a massive and profitable corporation. Engage in the single player campaign, which features over 20 missions to challenge both newcomers and seasoned veterans of production and distribution. Then cast of the shackles in free play mode, where you can do, be, make, and sell whatever you like! In Industry Giant II, the choice is yours. Features Over 150 real products from the 20th century 50 different vehicles ...